Why ethical treatment of the environment is important


“Stand up for a cause”seems to be an underlying theme in today’s  younger demographics range.  With the increasing mobility of the internet,  people are synchronized with pressing issues more than ever before.  Abortion, racial identity, gay rights, animal rights, rights in Egypt, rights in Lebanon, creating fair trade, etc.  The list ranges from everything to everywhere,  growing at an exponential rate.  Awakening to the unjust world poses the question of “what’s most important right now?”.

After a year of reevaluating my life, my answer is supporting the ethical treatment of the environment, at all costs. Life starts with the Earth we are born into.  Our planet gives us all of the necessary components needed for survival and all of the added benefits of marveling beauty and unexplainable miracles.  Reaching farther depths of the ocean, space, and our minds we are able to achieve anything as long as we don’t abuse the abundance that surrounds us.  No matter your beliefs, the reliance on water, food, air, and shelter still remains vital.

In the planet’s current depredated state, all of our needs are being threatened at an alarming rate.

The rainforest is responsible for 20 percent of the world’s oxygen, one fifth of the world’s fresh water, and 80 percent of the developed world’s original food source.  Not only do we need the rainforest but so does more than half of the world’s species of animals, insects, and plants.  The “lungs of our planet”disappear at an insane amount of 90 acres per minute and has been estimated to be completely wiped out by 2050 if action is not taken.  The rainforest has an immeasurable value that cannot be replaced but there are a few other concerns on Earth including the next equally vital forest, the Boreal.

The Boreal forest, located in Alberta Canada,  is 14 times the size of California.  It houses over half of the birds in the U.S. and Canada, 4 million people, and 22 percent of the Earth’s stored carbon.  Vast land and enormous carbon pockets encourage the breeding ground for timber, fuel, and agricultural companies in recent years. At five acres of logging per minute, we will soon lose a necessary component of natural air filtration and loss of habitat. A storehouse for carbon being destroyed, adds to our already pressing issue of global warming.

Drastic chemical imbalancing of our planet call for drastic measurements to occur; global warming.  Over the past few years, starting at the rise of the industrial age the human species have raced to invisible finish line of technology.  Our main tool to get there; fossil fuels.  Used to power our machines, our transportation, in the production of our new tools (plastics), and to power the use of gaining more fossil fuels, our growing globalized culture is hooked.  Coming in all different consistencies of liquids (oils), solids (coal), and gases (natural gas), they emit toxic fumes, mostly containing overwhelming amounts of co2, methane, and other pollutants. These pollutants absorb heat while creating a blanket of smog that blocks the heat from leaving the atmosphere.

One of the by products of global warming is the very concerning issue of climate change.  Because the planet is heating up at an alarming rate, climates all over the world are being altered through droughts, flooding, increased natural disasters, and retreating glaciers.  The effects of these increased phenomena will result in overall loss of food, loss of available drinking water,  and extinction of animals crucial to ecosystems.

Forest destruction, use of fossil fuels,climate change, and all other unethical treatments of our planet add to the demise of our food, fresh water,   fresh air, and ultimately loss of our habitat.  Without a clean Earth we cannot have a clean environment.  We must realize the chaos around us.  We can only add to the destruction or stop and prevent it.  We must learn to live in a sustainable way with self reliant life styles. Most importantly, we must learn to stand up for our planet who has nurtured and protected us since our birth, our parents births, and our ancestors long before us.  Decide.  How will you support the ethical treatment of our planet?




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