Geographies / Geografias de los Afectos




“Geography affects / Geographias de los Afectos is a media installation created taking into account the territory of the city of Queretaro, Mexico. Inspired by satellite imagery, I built a quilt from sleeping bags collected here and there, and in good shops markets. This extended placed on the floor of the Museo de la Ciudad was exposed to a great light and took the shape of the manufactured object. Integrated in the quilt loudspeakers broadcast fragments of interviews with Mexican and soundscapes captured during my walks alone in Queretaro. A videographic slideshow presented generic architectures taken Querétaro and Montreal so that cultural identity is confused. Also, the words harshness, TERRITORIO, Psique AND MERCANCIA made ​​of light practiced rotation in a slow pace on the walls of the gallery. The installation was working in the translation of a poetic mapping daily through various modes of representation of the territory.  

It also raised a critical reflection on the political and economic considerations into land uses to make production areas. For example, the most prosperous in the outskirts of Queretaro farmland are now purchased and occupied by Bombardier, a Canadian company Mega. Although wages are rather advantageous for Mexican workers, what will happen to the food culture of this region?By being there, I immediately understood that these issues remain far more complex than what they can reveal.” –


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