Learn how to be a #creative #activist:


Starting to delve into the creative activist seen, it turns out there are a ton of amazing sites that teach you everything you need to know about creative tactics.  Also you can see past actions people have done and how you can replicate them with your own creative actions!

  • http://www.creativeactivism.net – A college course, from Coventry University in the UK, that offers podcasts, lectures, forums, and fun workshops all about creative activism for free!!
  • http://joeyskaggs.com/– The world’s greatest hoaxer has a website.  He is truly a role model for creative activism dating back to 1966. Reflecting society with a slight skew, he is able to illustrate the effect media plays on society while challenging thoughts, cultures, and social norms.  On his site you can find ridiculous pranks, radical articles, advice on activism, and so much more!
  • http://artoftheprank.com/– Joey Skaggs has a second site!  This one is interactive and is an encyclopedia for culture jamming, reality hacking, pranks, and other arts all dedicated to creative activism!
  • http://explore.beautifultrouble.org- An accumulation of creative protests throughout decades in artful layout.  Including: tactics, case-studies, principles, practitioners, and theories.  You can stay on this site for hours!

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