How many hours do you spend in your #car?

How many hours do you spend in your car?  The average american male spends 1,600 hours in his car yearly! That’s one sixth of your life every year! We have built society around the dependency of vehicles for short term gain. Driving to our nine to five jobs, picking the kids up from school, groceries, or going to see a friend. Whatever the case may be, we are not prompted to change our habits…unless we start thinking differently. We must now ponder the long term destruction automobiles cause and act upon the solutions we have readily available.

The life span of one car produces approximately 28 tonnes of waste and 2,539 cubic metres of air pollution. Up to 84,000 american deaths can be traced back to air polluted causes. Affecting our respiratory systems,  nervous systems, blood systems, and with the possibility of spreading cancer throughout the body, there is no question about the toxicity of automobiles.

Among problems cars cause, the environment is by far the most damaged.  Trees are cleared, aquatic life systems are disturbed, and run off pollution all occur from roads being built.  The search and seizure of fossil fuels alone disrupts the land, the ocean, and the atmosphere in increasingly excessive amounts. Automobiles emit toxic fumes containing carbon dioxide, methane, carbon monoxide, benzene, tetraethyl lead, among other pollutants as well. Noise pollution is another factor that disrupts animal’s mating rituals and predator-prey interactions, especially among birds.  Environmental degradation from automobiles comes from many different outlets but there are alternative transportation methods.

To lessen the dependency of vehicles, carsharing has been invented.  Carsharing companies lease out cars to all of the clients that pay monthly or yearly fees.  Cars can be found at multiple spaces and dropped off at differing locations.  Maintenance, insurance, and other fees associated with cars are paid for through monthly fees, an average of $125 a month versus the average $500 on owned vehicles.  One carshare car reduces; up to 15 cars owned, parking spaces, flow of traffic, and pollution. Carsharing encourages other forms of transportation and some companies even have deals with metros and bike rentals.  If you live in the Montreal area a great carsharing company to check out is Communauto (


Here are a few sites to check out: _CAR_SHARING_REPORT_FINAL.pdf   the-works-1.1027550



Intergrating the two obvious routes of partaking in public transport and biking (which are great alternatives)  through sharing automobiles we can do our part in keeping a clean green world.

Celebrate #World #Carfree day!  September 22nd!






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