“#Imagination is more important than knowledge” So what does that say about #creativity?

banksy einstein

This quote from the most well known genius of the 20th century says a lot.  “Imagination is more important than knowledge” So what does that say about creativity?

Creativity is natural to the human instinct.  Think cave men drawings, or more relatively, your imaginary friend.  We have innate abilities to create and expand consciousness in abundance. Something so overlooked, and as time progresses, so under-used.

Creativity and innovation is the essence of life. We can use it to express emotions, gain new perspectives and (more relevantly) create solutions.

Activism, alone, is not enough to capture a large population. If we incorporate creativity into our lives, we can find ways to weave new solutions into our existing society eventually leading to a new system as a whole.

As an environmental activist group,  we believe creativity is needed in all aspects of life.  It is crucial while; developing campaigns, writing messages, and attracting an audience.

We believe creativity is not only important for activists but for all individuals and businesses!  In the following weeks we will be posting blogs to define what creativity is, the importance of creativity in daily lives, why is creativity needed for businesses, and the difference between creativity and innovation.

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