What creativity is

Misconceptions about Creativity:

-Creativity is only something that some  people are born with

-You need to be an artist to be creative

-People that are creative can’t do anything math related

-Creativity is a skill

-Creativity is the same thing as innovation

What creativity is:

Creativity is our innate ability to visualize images, communicate emotions effectively, and spontaneously collaborate ideas.

Creativity is natural

Think back to the last time you were daydreaming, the vivid colors, those emotions you could actually feel in the scenario, and possibly sensing other sounds, scents, or tastes.

What about that great night you had a few weeks ago?  Can’t you remember the sound of that wine glass clinking against your friend’s, the ambience of the dim lights, and the chatter of the restaurant around you?

You have the ability to create a whole scene for yourself in a matter of milliseconds while in a heated dream, reading an adventurous book,  hearing a nostalgic song, or  reminiscing over heart throbbing memories of long ago.

What stimulates creativity?

If its so natural for us to be creative than why do so many of us feel that we aren’t? For one reason,  we uphold many of the misconceptions (listed above) that may hold us back.

To foster healthy creativity we need:

  • a stimulated mind
    • new; ideas, environment, skillsets, conversations etc.
  • a healthy body
    • you need good blood circulation!!
  • the ability to hold back judgements and learn new ideas
  • spontaneity
  • relaxation

Creativity is the communication between the unconscious mind and our consciousness.  It comes in streams of thoughts, strong imagery, and vibrant emotions.  The real challenge is how to harness these occurrences to benefit our daily lives.


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