Why is creativity important

Common Knowledge

The four founding rules of modern science can be traced back to the philosopher Rene Descartes.

Not so common knowledge

These four founding rules came to Descartes in a dream.  The philosopher was a strong believer of following intuition  and then deducting with knowledge.


Creativity starts with visualization.

Exercise your mind’s eye to the point of vivid imagery and you will hold the power of creation.

Visualization can be used in many  circumstances including;

-memory enhancement

-improving skill sets

-rehearsing speeches

Visualizations is often followed or in coherence with bisociation (a term coined by Arthur Koestler).  Bisociation is the act of creating a new idea out of two previous inhabitual  thoughts.  It is usually spontaneity premising on the lines of previous knowledge.

Inventions, new paradigms, stories, lifestyles, clothes, etc. can be equated to the collaboration of knowledge and innovation.  Creativity seeds as intuition, thoughts, and emotions strung into the physical through action, order, and ethic.

Creativity is the starting point of all:





-marketing schemes


And creativity is the continuation of striving groups and individuals who continue to implement innovation and can set aside judgements and old beliefs.


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