Where can we find creativity??

One common misconception about creativity is only artists have been able to acquire this beautiful and unique talent.  But proven otherwise we can find creativity throughout history and in a range of subjects.


The ancient Romans used a very creative technique to improve memory.  It was often referred to as a memory palace.  Building extravagant rooms in their minds, romans would store their grocery lists, birth dates of their best friends, and favorite quotes among any other topics they wanted to store away.

Creativity is a way that we can connect multiple neurons in our brains while memorizing important materials.  Exercising different parts of our mind simultaneously  we are able to hold on to memories much easier.


Coming up with spontaneous mixes of information, especially in group settings, holds for a very creative foundation.  Communicating with others in ways that keeps us in tune, like singing or playing music, making up theatrical plays, or just conversing.  Stimulating the mind, inviting new thoughts, and creating new environments is a great breeding ground for imagination.

Business Ventures

I know we’ve all been there.  You’re talking with your friends and you stumble upon a great idea. $$$ When ever we are in a stimulated environment ie watching an inspiring movie, at a dance club, have intense discussions we come up with creative ideas!


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