When we are stuck….how do we overcome those creativity blocks?

(scroll down for a free exercise!) 

You are in the zone: relaxed, happy, and possibly a little tipsy and those money making ideas are just flowing faster than electricity.  You write a few of them down but you say “I’ll remember this later” and you go on about your day…but later never seems to come because you forgot.  Why is it that these great sparks of ingenuity are not always there when we need it?  

 A better question to ask is: When is are mind capable of a creative flow?

 A creative mind needs:

  • good health:  After a strenuous workout your brain gets a great intake of oxygen while releasing endorphins; both necessary for a healthy brain.  
  • Supportive and stimulating environment
    • A stimulating environment can be anything that inspires the mind: a walk in the park, traveling to unfamiliar cities, making a new friend, learning a new instrument, etc.  
    • Supportive means  being in a place that supports your creative flow without judgement,  meaning if you are acting like a fool with your great ideas you might not want to be out in public 
      • but rather with a good group of friends who you can share your ideas with
  • Feelings of relaxation
    • If you are beating yourself up over losing that thought flow you had STOP.  Your brain will shut down if it feels overwhelmed.  It will also become very enlightened when you just let thoughts flow
    • If you are feeling stressed:


  • Go for a walk or bike ride 
  • Meditate
  • take a cat nap
  • draw or paint
  • get your mind off the problem!

Next time you are stuck here’s an exercise

You will need:

a notepad, a writing utensil, a quiet space


Think back to the last time you were extremely bored.  Visualize what your surroundings looked like. Who was there? What sounds did you hear? How did you feel?  Did you smell anything? 


Now write down the answers to the next few questions.  Be as vivid, imaginative, and as descriptive as possible.

 Who would be more excited by the situation you were in? What’s there background? Who are they?

Who would be surprised by the situation? Why are they so surprised?

Who would be saddened by the situation? How would they overcome their saddness?


Now put yourself in some one else’s shoes.

There’s a little boy accompanying you in your earlier setting.  He is really bored too.  You become the little boy.  What do you do to brighten up the situation?  What are you passionate about?  Does you have an imaginary friend?  What would make situation frightening?  Could the situation become even more dull?  


A giant yellow bird comes in.  You walk up to it.  You ask why is it there?  After it answers ask it what can you do to solve your solution in real life?  What are other creative ways to handle your problem? 

 Feel free to ask other questions as well.  Make sure to write all the answers down, all the feelings you had about the answers and other thoughts you might have had.


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