What’s holding us back?

What’s holding us back?

How can we be taught to access creativity?
If you’ve read previous articles you will have a basic understanding of what creativity is and who has access to creativity, ie. EVERYONE!

So why doesn’t everyone have access to these creative insights? We are taught to be competitive. We have standards we have to uphold in comparison to everyone around us. The problem is creativity can’t be measured. No one person is more creative than the other but because we have certain misconceptions about what creativity is we begin to lose confidence in our creative abilities.

Naturally we need to regain confidence
The best way to do that? Act like a child!!! Every child has no fear about their talents. They are able to be spontaneous, release judgement, and have fun.
When you become relaxed your creative juices are able to flow.

Meditating is a great starting point for many reasons. An intermediate meditator is able to access altered states, relax, and re-acquaint with their inner child. Even for beginners the most necessary part is the ability to relax and let go. Meditation can be a great way to revitalize a healthy mind and stop the mental chatter.
During meditation we can practice many exercises to access vivid imagery. Visualizing is the first active step towards a creation. In order to invent a new idea or object it is necessary to visualize the outcome. The more detail we incorporate the more secure our creation becomes.

Interpreting our unconscious
As we begin to meditate and exercise visualization we may begin to experience unfamiliar shapes, out of context images, or even moving objects in our “mind’s eye”. These flashes are floating out from our unconscious mind and are actually trying to communicate with us.
During artistic outlets, meditation, and dreams this spontaneous imagery is most prevalent.

My class
Do you want to know how you can unlock your creativity?

Imagine a world where you can achieve anything. Your dreams become reality. Your mind functions faster and more efficiently.

You are capable of all of the above and creativity is the foundation that will propel you there!!

Using a step by step process, Direct Action Valhalla will be featuring a class that will guide the creative flow. Using techniques that connect you to the material, engage you throughout the lessons, and teach you easy but memorable exercises that you can bring anywhere. This class is guaranteed to be quick, easy, and effective serving you in all areas of life!!


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