You can fuel you car with what?? Part 2

Veggie oil is for you!! Proceeding forward.

So if you decided that veggie oil fuel is appealing there are a few considerations and choices to be thought about.

Choosing a vehicle

Filtered and dewatered can be put into any diesel engine but there are a few that take to the oil better.  Anything pre2000s is definitely better for the sake of less confusion with the computer systems which will not know how to read the oil correctly.

For cars:

the most popular are Mercedes Benz 70s and 80s

another popular one are the diesel volkswagons also 80s

Trucks I’m more familiar with (for the sake of pulling an rv)

-Dodges ram 2500, 3500 or  anything else with a cummins engines between 1993-1998 are the best engines for veggie oil conversions!!!

-Fords E250s or E350s come into a close second

If you would like to see other recommended vehicles check out this site:

Choosing a system

There are many competing systems out there some much cheaper than others but I have come across a few people that actually pick and choose parts and make their own system.

The most essential part is the holding tank.  The engine will always be started on diesel and will be switched over to wvo when the engine gets to about 185 degrees Fahrenheit.  Usually you will have a manual switch but some systems come with an automatic switch.  A few miles before stopping you need to switch it back to diesel to clean out the engine and prevent it from getting clogged.  ( these systems range from $700 to $3,000)

Now your other main concern ( a very large one!) is getting a filtering system.  It is possible to build your own but you must be very experienced. Oil is often filtered more than once sometimes even four times.  The more you filter outside the system the less you will have to change your filters in your vehicle.  If you are going to collect oil make sure to look for oil that has been sitting for a while and is “settled” and try to avoid oil that is cloudy which signifies water.

Dewatering is a huge factor that is often over looked but can ruin your engine if you are not careful.  You must get a specific system that is meant for dewatering and it is also helpful to get a measurement tool to see if there is still water in the oil.

Here is a list of competitors that sell and install these veggie oil systems:

Locating your fuel

Now if you don’t want to filter your own oil or pay for an automatic filtering and dewatering system there are many great sites you can go on to find people to buy veggie oil from.

Also searching “veggie oil for sale” or “wvo for sale” on craigslist will give you great results as well!

Its a great idea to get involved with these forums and make friends around your area that are doing this especially if you are going traveling!!


Happy huntings!! And make sure you do your research before doing this!


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