You can fuel your car with what??!!! Part 1

veggie oil conversion biodiesel
fill up at your local mcdonalds lately?

Stopped by Micky D’s lately?  No, not to get a mcdouble!! To fill up your gas tank!!  Veggie oil cars are on the rage, at least for some environmentalists, or better yet some people who want free fuel!!

But actually heres a fun fact:the first diesel car was developed to run on peanut oil!                                   (

Before we get ahead let me sum it up for you.

The Good:It is more than possible to use any pure cooking oil to run any diesel engine!!

The Difficult: In order to get free fuel you are going to have to do some work first but no fear I have done much of the research for you!

First: the difference between biodiesel and straight/waste veggie oil

Waste Veggie Oil (wvo): This article will circulate mainly around this type of fuel because I prefer it for a few reasons.

Mainly found at any restaurant, you can take the used vegetable oil and fill your diesel car up on the spot!!

Unfortunately it is not that easy and will be quite costly before that point.  In order to fuel your car with wvo you need to dewater and filter your oil!!! You then need to heat up your engine to 185 degrees Fahrenheit in order for your vehicle to ingest the veggie oil.

Something I will talk about further on but the point is to get straight oil from a restaurant you need to have: a filtering and dewatering system and veggie holding and heating tank.  The whole conversion can cost anywhere between $5,000 and up (you might be able to get away with less if you are an expert in veggie oil conversions and cars)

So initial costs are high BUT the payback is amazing there are tons of stories of people saving $5,000 a year in fuel and very little carbon emissions (the most important part!!).  On a side note, diesel engines are known to last much longer than other cars!


Initially the same concept of obtaining wvo (waste veggie oil) but it goes through a chemical process instead of a filtering and heating system.

Biodiesel can go into any diesel car with no fuss and is much more easily obtainable than filtered and dewatered wvo.  B20 (diesel with 20% biodiesel) can be found at any Love gas station as well as most other diesel stations.  B100 (100% biodiesel) is a bit harder to find but once you do find it its about a dollar cheaper than diesel fuel and has almost no emissions!

Biodiesel will never be free and can be a dangerous process to make your own.  You need to buy the chemicals: Sodium hydroxide and methanol.  The process has risks of explosions because methanol is combustible and afterward you need to worry about the leftover toxic gunk.

There are machines you can get that makes it much safer to make and in larger quantities (ranging around $2,000) but the gunk factor is still an issue.  Also your car may need an adjustment period before you put B100 directly in your car and you can not use B100 in the winter in case of oil freezing in the engine.

Don’t get me wrong I’d pick biodiesel any day over fossil fuels but waste vegetable oil is definitely a better option especially in longevity and while traveling.

here is more info on the matter: (in favor of biodiesel)

Don’t forget about Part 2!!!


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