Excerpt from “10 reasons why permaculture is f@cking awesome!”


The nature accumulated billions of years of evolution, experimentation, of trial and error and it would be foolish to not take advantage of all this knowledge. Thus, permacultors draws a lot from nature to design its systems. For instance, instead of adopting the current agricultural model of industrial monoculture, permacultors will seek to create the most complete ecosystems possible. Instead of designing its production according to a classical linear scheme (resource extraction – usage – waste disposal), he will use as much closed loops as possible, bearing in mind that waste is just a resources waiting to be used. For instance, used corrugated cardboard can be shredded and used as litter; when used, this litter can be vermicomposted; the worm may feed chickens or fish; the compost will be very useful to plants; etc.”


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