Permaculturists!! What’s a Chinampas??

At Guwahi Ecovilllage there are many applied permaculture techniques in this article/video we will be discussing what a chinampa garden is and why its beneficial to the Permaculture community! Chinampa’s History Mayans came up with this technique as they were running out of crop space on land, THUS moving to water bodies! These brilliant Mesoamericans created a farming technique that produced more food with less work total.  The gardening structure was formed over a thousand years ago!! mayan,chinampa,garden,permaculture,swampy,midwest Why build a chinampa?

  • Great for farming ON water bodies; swampy regions, wetlands,ponds, lakes
  • self sustaining/watering system
  • plants have easy access to nutrients
  • great for filtrating the water body
  • lessens/prevents damage from frost
  • creates microclimates


To learn more go to:


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