Your weeds are telling you something…

Weeds are looked at as nuisances especially in food gardens. “There is just too much grass!…What are we going to do about all of this ragweed?!” Introduced into organic gardening myself, I find myself with the same problem.

I began to ask myself “Why are these weeds here?” As I researched this, I found out that weeds are great indicators of soil quality! From getting a collection of weed species in your garden you can infer:

  • Soil acidity (Ph levels)
  • Fertility of soil
  • What nutrients your soil has OR is lacking
  • How well your soil is draining

I have complied a table of info of some common weeds and what they indicate.  At the bottom of the table there are a few crops that like different soils.  You can either choose to work with these weeds or fix your soil!

Cheers (:

(Click on pictures to enlarge)




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