Does saving the environment save money?

The past few months Chloe Buzzotta, from The Valhalla Movement, has been collaborating with Jeff Gold, the Founder of and finding the best #economic #solutions to #environmental #issues.

Jeff Gold  animal rescueExamining the past sentence, one may pose the concept as #contradictory and possibly even #controversial.  Economics and Environmentalism cannot coexist, let alone in a symbiotic manner!  Some may even go as far to say a parasitic relationship is present.

Behold! There may be a solution that creates harmonious traction between the capitalist economy and our beautiful Earth.  The brilliant mantra Jeff Gold breathes is “simplicity”.  A key factor in his rescue site with over one million subscribers!

The up and coming World project action plan goes as follows. Cut energy usage in half on a personal level and business level.  Use less energy for lights, shut off the TV when leaving the room, change filters in AC units consistently, regulate thermostats in unused spaces.  A simple solution yet many are economy green save money

Mr.Gold’s first step; converting inefficient energy homes and stores. His incentive; being eco-friendly will save you money!  His plan; free consultations, free energy conversions, and educate the children.

“Educate the children, make them the police of the energy usage and you restructure how electricity is used in the home” -Jeff Gold

Right now one house and one restaurant in Athens, Georgia are in the eco-conversion process.  Stay tuned for the success in the making and visit for more information


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