Eco-licious house conversions [traditional]

The previous article “Does Saving the Environment Save Money?” details DAV’s current action with World organization.  Painting a picture of eco-conversions of a house can result in, the previous article proves as a good overview.

“Eco-licious house conversions” will outline the steps you can take to a greener future with simple fixes.  So lets start saving you money!

Energy sucking AC

According to Jeff Gold’s research,  Air conditioning and heating can be the largest energy use in the household.  Realistically, most house holds will not cut out their AC entirely but there are many things to cut the usage comfortably.

  • Set the thermostat to kick on the AC/heat when you are in the house. If you aren’t home why have the AC on??
  • Change your filters!  If you’re filters are clogged, the flow of heat/air is much more inefficient.

Change your lightbulbs!

Lets jump to your easiest fix.  Use new technology and throw those old lightbulbs away.  LEDS can save up to 50 times more energy and come in all sizes and wattages for each fixture.

Motion sensors

Imagine a city with all motion sensored lights.  Each time people walk under street lights the lights turn on.  Each time a building is broken into the light is immediately triggered.  Each time you leave a room in the house the light turns off, how simple.  

There are even light bulbs that have motion sensors inside them! Install them in your house and ask your boss to put them in the office!

Timersenergy economy green save money

Again a simple way to cut energy usage when your not home or inhabiting a room.

  • Put those big screen T.V.s on until midnight but lets be real you fell asleep at 11 and you won’t wake up until at least 6:00 AM.
  • Your microwaves, toaster ovens, blenders, lamps, unused cell phone chargers; They all use energy even if they aren’t on!

The timers prevent wasted energy!

Potable water No-Nos

Your toilet wastes five gallons of water each flush that could be used to drink or cook with! 20141009002919-slide5

  • Putting a brick in the back of the tank reduces the amount of water in each flush

Insulate Water Heaters

Another quick fix

There are so many easy, simple tactics that create a greener, less costly bill each month.

Jump on that eco-licious train!

See World Project to see how Jeff Gold is converting houses and businesses!


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