Does saving the environment save money?

Mr.Gold’s first step; converting inefficient energy homes and stores. His incentive; being eco-friendly will save you money! His plan; free consultations, free energy conversions, and educate the children.


Do you have an urge to travel? #wunderlust

Hello all,
Although there hasn’t been much activity on here, I can assure you Direct Action Valhalla has been as busy as a bee!!!
Currently we are looking into veggie oil technology to power our vehicle and making the plans for our off grid GREEN rv!!

Among the other positions (which have began to be filled but we are still looking) We need:
-people experienced with off the grid technology (compost toilets, renewable energy, greenhouses, water catchment systems, etc.)
-experienced crowdfunders!


Do you feel like you are meant for greatness but unsure of how to achieve it?  Are you upset about our current system; waste, overconsumption, lies, and hypocrisy?

Direct Action Valhalla is an organization that provides a platform for you to positively impact the world while living in daily excitement and following your bliss!

Our number one priority is Healing Our Earth.  We plan to do that through educating the public about environmental problems and solutions in a creative way.  If you have ever seen the Yes Men you’ll have a better understanding of our technique.

We need to engage the public to be part of the solution through fun and interactive events, providing hope and examples.

By May 2014 we will achieve our first goal: an RV to travel America (North and South) that we are aiming to make 100% self-sustaining.

 Who we need:

self-sustaining traveling home
  • Be part of our crew and travel!:  We need people who have wanderlust and a passion to help our Earth.
    • Positions:
      • photographer
      • videographer
      • website builder
      • event planner
      • mechanic (experience with RVs)
      • Someone experienced in renewable energy
      • Permaculturists
      • Environmental activist
  • Help from afar: If you want to help but stay where you are
    • Website builder
    • Blogger
    • Writer
    • social media
    • Promoter (promote us on your site or social media!)
    • Plan for us to come to you!

Interested or have questions?


Go to our site for more info: