Past consultation services:

-Valhalla Movement:

Consulting for the Valhalla Movement (2013)

The founder of Direct Action Valhalla, Chloe Buzzotta, birthed her consultation services at the Valhalla Movement.  It was here that her expertise of community affairs, social media and outreach, and marketing became apparent.  

During Chloe’s time at Valhalla, she offered her services of Organizational Development (link) while learning extensive methods of building online audiences via social media, planning large events, and building media content (pictures, videos, blogs, and websites).  

Organizational Development was applied through:

  • clarifying the mission and purpose of Valhalla
  • practicing conflict resolution between members
  • and guiding the team through an identification of goals based on their common values.  

To clarify and solidify the common missions, values, and goals, we began holding vision meetings where we would state our detailed vision of Valhalla ten years down the road.  

Another need the organization had was structure during meetings. Chloe identified this need and met it by;

  • identifying the goal of the meeting beforehand
  • defining the roles needed for the meeting ( scribe, time keeper, peacekeeper, question stacker, and facilitator of agenda)
  • and keeping respect for all members of meeting.

An important aspect to these meetings was consistency, so we held space for regular Monday meetings with the core members. This kept team leaders accountable for their proposed actions and created clear communication between all members.


-Symbiosis Regenerative Systems

Symbiosis Regenerative Systems is a Permaculture landscaping business located in Austin, TX.


DAV worked with Symbiosis April 2015 – September 2015.  We serviced SRS via Promotions (link) and Outreach (link).  


Outreach included:

  • Developing social media content
  • created an instagram
  • created a new facebook and produced content
  • wrote blogs
  • wrote descriptions and promoted events on sites/apps including meetup.com, permies.com, instagram, and facebook
  • Recorded interviews


Promotions Included:

  • Increasing public relations by networking with the local community by attending eco-conscious events in Austin
  • co-planning events like the Mark Shepard workshop


-HOPE Farmers Market


HOPE Farmer’s Market is part of the HOPE (Helping Other People Everywhere) Campaign Nonprofit.  It is a local farmer’s market in Austin, TX that supports local goods and local artists.


DAV worked with HOPE Farmer’s Market from August 2015 to March 2016.  We serviced HOPE via: income revenue platforms, organizational development, and outreach.


Income revenue platforms:

-planning events

-planned and led ECO Fair one and two (link)

-invited and confirmed participant organizations

-co-created a flyer and passed out the flyers

-created a facebook and do512 (a local austin website) event

-planned and facilitated the Ladies Fair (link?)

-came up with raffle ideas to bring more traffic

-explored partnerships and sponsorship ideas  

-sponsorship proposal


Organizational Development

-held internal meetings for vendors and staff

-met with director to discuss event productions and promotional outlets


-Produced social media content

-instagram posts

-facebook promotions


Camp EZ

Camp EZ is a low residency community and AirBnb Campsite in the heart of Austin, TX.  The community needed structure implemented in order to communicate more efficiently while instilling comfort and cleanliness of living spaces.  


The services DAV offered were mainly Organizational Development.

This included:

-Facilitating regular meetings:

-Assigning roles to participating members ( scribe, time keeper, peacekeeper, question stacker, and facilitator of agenda)

-planning/ organizing topics

-Organizing time and place

-Creating an announcement board

-Co-creating cleaning charts

-Keeping community members accountable of declared tasks