Importance in the Coming Future

Why am I intrigued by the movements of ecovillages, cohousing, and transition towns?

So often are we faced with “the issues” of modern society.  We are told on the news of scandals of crime, death, stealing, and war.  We are presented internet feeds of mass shootings, presidential elections, and natural/unnatural disasters.  My email is constantly being overloaded by protests of endangered species, the hottest day in years report, oil leaks, etc. With access to the latest happenings right at our fingertips we are always informed of societal upheaval.  BUT the question is; how often do people ask what is the root cause and what solutions are being implemented for long term change?

There is a wide grey area in distinguishing pressing issues.  The “grey area” is filtered through social classisms, racisms, sexisms, etc.  That being said, some may feel select issues more pressing than others because they are faced with certain challenges more frequently than others.  For me, the most pressing issue is supplying top quality basic needs to all peoples’ of planet Earth in an act of regeneration and symbiosis effect and respect to all Earthlings’ lives.   To clarify I will break down the previous sentence.  “Supplying top quality basic needs to all peoples’ of planet Earth” this refers to water, food, air, and shelter without harmful man-made chemicals and as nature based as possible.  “In an act of regeneration and symbiosis effect” the idea that we, as humans, are symbiotic creatures on this Earth, giving as much as we are taking from our fellow Earthlings (flora and fauna).  “Respect to all Earthlings’ lives” when we are taking from our fellow beings we are doing so in a perspective of awe and care for these beings, for our bodies, and for future generations’ thriving capacity.   

Fortunately, I am not alone in stating this specific betterment of the world.  There are three other movements that share a similar school of thought: Ecovillages, Transition Towns, and the Cohousing movement.  Although there are other movements akin to these in some regards, I specifically chose these as studies because of their success in fruiting actions out of their belief systems.  

Supporting the enaction of these progressive ways of living is my effort to disengage from the current paradigm of the systems in place. The present systems I am referring to are allowing for social  and environmental injustice. It is my hope that these  new systems in place will be supporting the shifting of a new paradigm (that may not transmute all of our current patterns) by serving as a medium of facilitation.