Income revenues advice and set up

In our modern society, we have an unbelievably large assortment of income generating platforms.  The internet heightens the access to these income tools immensely!

The key components:

  • Knowledge of resources
  • Technologically savvy
  • Planning and executing consistent dedication


How DAV will help you:

We will work with you to find the best opportunities available based on the goals, mission, skillsets, and passions of the core team members.  


We will offer resources that generate revenue while teaching you how to utilize these resources.


We can co-create events in your city that will bring you money and form a network within your larger community.   


Note: Read “Outreach” below to see what we offer for marketing/ promotions  

-Promotions: making your Community/Farm accessible

This service is for businesses that would like to host rentals on site, do work exchange, host tours of their land, and any other way they would like to create publicity of your space.  


The Key Components:

  • Public relations
  • Creating a public image
  • Increasing productivity


What will DAV help you with?

-We can help create foot traffic by connecting you to large platforms where people are looking for spaces like yours.

-We can set up opportunities for you to host more volunteers on your land creating a work exchange.

-We will take pictures and videos, write articles, and other media to attract your specified audience.  

-We will involve you in networking circles (online and physical locations) that connect you with other communities and services.