Organizational development

See Goal VS Issue Based Planning to see what your may organization need.

The Key Components

– resolving conflict within the organization

– clarifying mission/vision/goals

– creating accountability systems

-creating trust within organizations/ communities

What is it?

When starting/ continuing any organization, prioritizing organizational development is imperative. Creating this priority ensures longevity and harmony in an organization.  To start with, a foundation needs to be formed, clarified and solidified within the core team members.  A foundation consists of the mission, the vision, the goals, and the values.  In order to establish the components above, there needs to be clear direction, facilitated communication, and dedicated commitment of all members participating.

Facilitation of communication is a key part in organizational development.  A container of trust, honesty, comfort, and connection needs to be created in order to do this deep and necessary work.  


How DAV will help you:

We offer facilitation to navigate and resolve conflicts within the organization. We also leave tools of conflict resolution and trust building that can be used independently (without an outside source) upon closure of initial meeting.  


We guide and clarify the team’s’ collective mission, vision, goals, and values through a series of programs and exercises. Each program is tailored to the organization’s needs.
We offer accountability systems that can be put in place in order to accomplish tasks more fluidly and with less tension between members.