Services We Offer

organizational development

When starting/ continuing any organization, prioritizing organizational development is imperative. Creating this priority ensures longevity and harmony in an organization.  To start with, a foundation needs to be formed, clarified and solidified within the core team members.

Income revenues advice and set up

In our modern society, we have an unbelievably large assortment of income generating platforms.  The internet heightens the access to these income tools immensely!


The internet has made outreach way more necessary and viable.  You have the ability to connect to a vast audience that you did not have access to before.  The key is to be able to navigate social media platforms.  Also it is important to know how to create an image that attracts your audience. (See the service promotions)

We Contract out Self- sustaining advice and set up

Although this category may not contribute directly to funding your business, DAV feels it is a necessary component to the “whole systems movement”.